2019 Member Standings and Stats
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Currents Standings
All member's scores for the weekly events played are entered into our computer.  These scores are tallied and ranked by Net Scores.  After a player has played in nine events, the 7 best scored events are used to rank the season's top players.  At the end of the season those players are presented awards and prizes.

Last Event's Net Scores
See the Leader Board for the most recent event played.  All member's scores are posted and ranked by net score.  This page also includes the individual hole scores (Gross/Net/to-par).  There's also a link to each player's event scores, ranked by best event's net score.  

Cup Quest Match Play Standings
In addition to the weekly events, a season long match play tournament is run for those wishing to participate.  Paired competitors are required to play their match each month, with winners advancing to the next month's match.  Players eliminated in the first round play in a season long consolation tournament, with winners advancing.  Awards and prizes are presented to the winners at the end of the season.

Golf Course Stats
This page ranks the golf course by net score average as they are played.  The page displays Gross/Net & Putt averages and totals on Pars, Birdies, Bogies, etc.