2005 Awards Banquet (photos by Barb Muchowski)

1st Place Low Net
John Conroy (67.9)

2nd Place Low Net
George Zimmerman (68.2)

3rd Place Low Net
Brad Ritchie (68.2)

4th Place Low Net
Frank Devone (68.6)

5th Place Low Net
Lee Snyder (69.1)

6th Place Low Net
Robert Harbeson (69.1) (not present)

Most Improved
Marc Schwartz

Cup Quest Champion
Dave Weisband

Cup Quest Runner Up
Marc Schwartz

Frank Devone
Bill Nevins

Cup Quest Consolidation Runner-Up
Tom Morgan

Mike McLane

Jim Pifer


Just a Few of the
Many Member, Family and Friends

Nick & Sue Manari

Lew and Lenore Graff

Jim & Betty Pifer

Tom & Dawn Wood

Lee & Deb Snyder

Jack Aharon

Dave Twombly & Al Cairns

Peter & Barb Inglese

Phil & Pat Stefanini

Cliff Brown, Marc Schwartz, 
Charlie Nathanson

Adrienne Hogan & Tom Hardiman

Ted O'Shea & Danny

Frank Shafer

John & Nicki Logan

George Ingham, Bob Moran,
Dick Muchowski & Bob Ganskopp

Dave & Renee Weisband

George Zimmerman
& Peter Brenner

Chet & Win Hwilka

Mary Russo & Jerry Susman

Lou & Diana Testa

Charlie Dorning &
Jules Giovanetti

George Abersold & Dot Saladino