2008 Cup Quest Match Play Championship

              Congratulations to our 2008 Cup Quest 
and Consolation Match Winners . . .

    Our Final Matches were played at Laurel Creek on October 20th.  Karl Janke is our 2008 Cup Quest Match Play Champion having prevailed over Doug Schoen 5 up.  Chappy Rice is our 2008 Consolation Match winner with a 8up win over Lee Goldstein.  Congratulations to all our participants this year!!

Karl Janke Cup Quest Champ
Doug Schoen  vs  Karl Janke

Chappy Rice Consolation Champ
Lee Goldstein vs Chappy Rice

Last update:03/25/2019

June Matches
Nick Manari (2.7) vs Tom Morgan (30.0)
  Nick Manari (3&1)
Chris Dunham (3.9) vs George Zimmerman (26.1)
  Chris Dunham (3up)
Jim Pifer (14.0) vs Robert Brooks (14.4)
  Jim Pifer (1up)
Frank Devone (13.2) vs Lew Graff (15.4)
  Lew Graff (5up)
Gene Dykes (9.3) vs Lee Goldstein (18.3)
  Gene Dykes (5&4)
John Conroy (8.9) vs Joe Battaglia (19.5)
  Joe Battaglia (5up)
Howard Lamplugh (12.9) vs Al Malatesta (18.2)
   Howard Lamplugh (3up)
Chappy Rice (10.2) vs Bill Siegle (17.0)
  Bill Siegle (2up)
Bob Lane (6.8) vs Bill Nevins (24.8)
  Bob Lane (1up)
Karl Janke (6.6) vs Derek Dutcher (25.1)
  Karl Janke (7up)
Bob Harbeson (10.8) vs Doug Schoen (16.2)
  Doug Schoen (4&3)
Cliff Brown (11.4) vs Dave Weisband (15.7)
  Dave Weisband (2up)
Dave Twombly (7.5) vs George Abersold (24.2)
  Dave Twombly (5up)
Mike VanHorn (7.9) vs Jay Holtzin (23.3)
  Mike VanHorn (4up)
Brad Ritchie (10.8) vs Rob Conolly (17.2)
  Brad Ritchie (1up)
Ed Popielarski (10.7) vs Stewart Golen (17.6)
  Ed Popielarski (5 up)

July Matches
Nick Manari  vs Jim Pifer
  Jim Pifer (2&1)
Chris Dunham  vs Lew Graff 
  Chris Dunham  (7&6)
Gene Dykes vs Howard Lamplugh 
  Gene Dykes (4&3)
Joe Battaglia vs Bill Siegle
  Joe Battaglia  (2&1)
Bob Lane vs Doug Schoen
  Doug Schoen (2up)
Karl Janke vs Dave Weisband
  Karl Janke (5&3)
Dave Twombly vs Brad Ritchie
   Brad Ritchie (2up)
Mike VanHorn vs Ed Popielarski
  Mike VanHorn (1up)

July Consolation Matches
Tom Morgan vs Robert Brooks
   Tom Morgan (1up)
George Zimmerman vs Frank Devone
  George Zimmerman (2up)
Lee Goldstein vs Al Malatesta
  Lee Goldstein (1up)
John Conroy vs Chappy Rice
  Chappy Rice (2up)
Bill Nevins vs Bob Harbeson
   Bob Harbeson (1up)
Derek Dutcher vs Cliff Brown 
  Cliff Brown  (1up)
George Abersold vs Rob Conolly
  George Abersold (1up)
Jay Holtzin vs Stewart Golen
  Stewart Golen (4up)

Aug Matches
Jim Pifer vs Gene Dykes
  Jim Pifer (1up)
Chris Dunham  vs Joe Battaglia
  Chris Dunham (6&5)
Doug Schoen vs Brad Ritchie
  Doug Schoen (6&4)
Karl Janke vs Mike VanHorn
  Karl Janke (5&4)

Aug Consolation Matches
Tom Morgan vs Lee Goldstein
   Lee Goldstein (5up)
George Zimmerman vs Chappy Rice 
   Chappy Rice (1up)
Bob Harbeson vs George Abersold 
   Bob Harbeson (5&3)
Cliff Brown  vs Stewart Golen
  Cliff Brown (5&3)

Sept Matches
Jim Pifer vs Doug Schoen
  Doug Schoen (1up)
Chris Dunham  vs  Karl Janke
  Karl Janke (1up)

Sept Consolation Matches
Lee Goldstein vs Bob Harbeson
   Lee Goldstein (2up)
Chappy Rice vs Cliff Brown
  Chappy Rice (1up)