2010 Awards Banquet (photos by Ed Popielarski)

The Awards

1st Place Low Net - Tom Guarino (67.9)

2nd Place Low Net - Joe Tomasette (68.0)

3rd Place Low Net - Bill Siegle (69.1)

4th Place Low Net - Joe Battaglia (69.3)

5th Place Low Net - Dave Frank (69.3)

6th Place Low Net - Kevin Loutzenhizer (69.8)

Lowest Putting Average - Denny Fincke (27.4)

Cup Quest Match Champ - Steve Guarino

Cup Quest Runner Up - Dave Frank

Consolation Match Winner - Tom Bang

Consolation Match Runner Up - Stewart Golen
*Ties broken by number of events played.


The Banquet

Dave Frank, Jay Holtzin, Frank Devone, Stewart Golen & Mark Udren

Ed Popielarski & George Ingham

Lee Goldstein & Frank Devone

Jackie Popielarski, Sally Weymouth, Sue Manari & Olivia Dykes

Olivia & Gene Dykes

Bob Eastwood, Denny & Linda Fincke

Jim Toudy & Derrick Campbell

Mary Russo, Michele & Tom Kearns, Jim Toudy & Derrick Campbell

Joan & Tom Bang

Sue & Nick Manari

Jackie Polielarski & George Zimmerman