2015 Awards Banquet (pix by Ed Popielarski)


The Awards

1st Low Net     
Bob Anderson (68.9) 

2nd Low Net 
Lew Graff (69.3) 

3rd Low Net 
John Conroy (69.6)*  

4th Low Net 4th 
Mike Meyerhoff (69.6)*

5th Low Net 
Mike Hess (69.7)

6th Low Net 
Brad Ritchie (69.8)* 

Low Putts -  
Dennis Rozanski 
( *Ties broken by # of events played)

2015 Cup Quest Match Play Champion: Terry Tompkins

2015 Cup Quest Consolation Match Winner: 
Bob Heindel

2015 Cup Quest Match Play Runner Up:
John Salvaggio

2015 Cup Quest Consolation Match Runner Up:
Chris Dunham

The Banquet

Stewart Golen and Jay Holtzin

Chick & Connie Torrence

John Salvaggio & Nem Urubshurow

Dottie & George Abersold 

Lew &  Lenore Graff &Sue Manari 


Sue Battaglia & Terry Tompkins

George & Ellie Leupold


Ed Hall,Nem Urubshurow & Lee Goldstein 

Nick Manari & Joe Battaglia

Janet & Lee Goldstein & Tina Marie & Marty Salcone


Sue Manari & Mary Russo

Bill Siegle, Joe Battaglia & George Abersold 

Nick & Sue Manari