2017 Awards Banquet (pix by Gene Dykes)


The Awards

1st Low Net     
Jim Medes (68.7) 

2nd Low Net 
Brad Ritchie (69.1)

3rd Low Net 
Mike Allen (69.3)

4th Low Net 4th 
Vance Propati (69.6)

5th Low Net 
Mike Hess 69.7) *

6th Low Net 
Victor Picariello (69.7) *

Low Putts -  John Conroy (27.4)
*Ties broken by number of events played

2017 Cup Quest Match Play Champion: 
Gene Dykes

2017 Cup Quest Consolation Match Winner: 
Doug Fugate

2017 Cup Quest Match Play Runner Up:
Frank Mathews

2017 Cup Quest Consolation Match Runner Up:
George Szagala

The Banquet

John & Susan Salvaggio

Chick & Connie Torrence

 Dianna & Mark Vanemburgh

Lorraine and Victor Picariello

George & Ellie Leupold

Gene Dykes & Olivia

Bill & Jane Siegle 

Lee Goldstein 

Dale Choate & Jack Eisenmann

Doug Fogate, Mike Hess, Bob Heindel, Mark Udren & Cliff Brown

Nick & John Salvaggio

Victor Picariello & Nick

Nick & Sue Manari