2019 Cup Quest Match Play Championship

The 2019 Cup Quest pairings are complete and listed below... 
Play well and good luck to all..
Last update:08/09/2019


June Matches
Nick Manari (5.2) vs George Zimmerman 27.3)
Nick Manari (6&5)
  Karl Janke (8.6) vs Ken Hoffman (27.0)
Karl Janke (5&4)
Lew Graff (15.6) vs Lew Edwards (16.2)
Lew Edwards (1 up)
  Gene Dykes (15.6) vs Dennis Rozanski (16.3)
Gene Dykes (2&1)
Bill Siegle (12.1) vs Stewart Golen (20.6)
Bill Siegle (3up)
  Joe Battaglia (12.1) vs Rocco Marianni (21.8)
Rocco Marianni (4&3)
Brad Ritchie (12.6) vs Mike Morton (20.0)
Brad Ritchie (7&5)
  Jim Medes (13.9) vs Pete Shoemaker (18.5)
Jim Medes 
John Conroy (11.0) vs Larry Demooy (22.3)
Larry Demooy (1up)
  Bob Heindel (9.3) vs Dennis Herman (25.0)
Bob Heindel  (2&1)
Larry Steffier (15.2) vs John Howell (16.5)
John Howell (2up)
  Sheldon Goodstadt (15.5) vs Joe Cuilla (16.5)
Joe Cuilla (2up)
John Regina (11.5) vs Brian Mulvenna (22.1)
Brian Mulvenna (5&4)
  Bob Lane (11.7) vs George Abersold (22.0)
Bob Lane (4up)
John Salvaggio (14.1) vs Victor Picariello (16.8)
John Salvaggio (by default)
  Mark Vanemburgh (14.0) vs Ray Yanstick (17.8)
Mark Vanemburgh (3up)


July Matches
Nick Manari vs Lew Edwards 
Lew Edwards (2&1)
  Karl Janke vs Gene Dykes
Karl Janke (by default) 
Bill Siegle vs Brad Ritchie 
Brad Ritchie  (4&5)
  Jim Medes vs Rocco Marianni
Jim Medes (5&3)
John Howell vs Larry Demooy
John Howell (6&5)
  Bob Heindel vs Joe Cuilla
Joe Cuilla (4&2)
John Salvaggio vs Brian Mulvenna 
John Salvaggio (3up)
  Bob Lane vs Mark Vanemburgh
Mark Vanemburgh (3up)


July Consolation Matches
Lew Graff vs George Zimmerman 
George Zimmerman (by withdraw)
  Dennis Rozanski vs Ken Hoffman 
Ken Hoffman (1up)
Mike Morton  vs Stewart Golen 
Stewart Golen (4&3)
  Joe Battaglia vs Pete Shoemaker
Joe Battaglia (1up)
John Conroy vs Larry Steffier 
Larry Steffier (8up)
  Sheldon Goodstadt vs Dennis Herman 
Dennis Herman (by default)
John Regina (bye)   Ray Yanstick vs George Abersold
Ray Yanstick (?)


August Matches
Brad Ritchie vs Lew Edwards 
Brad Ritchie (3&2)
  Karl Janke vs Jim Medes 
John Howell vs John Salvaggio
John Salvaggio (5&3)
  Mark Vanemburgh vs Joe Cuilla
Joe Cuilla (5&4)


August Consolation Matches
George Zimmerman vs  Stewart Golen    Ken Hoffman vs Joe Battaglia
Larry Steffier vs  John Regina   Ray Yanstick vs Dennis Herman 
Dennis Herman (3up)