Member Remembrance

This page is dedicated to current and passed members who have left us, but will not be forgotten.


Charles "Chappy" Rice 
Passed: May 8, 2018
Member Since:1994

It’s with great shock and sadness to inform you of the passing of Chappy Rice on May 8, 2018.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.  Chappy was a Member of ours since 1994 – a wonderful guy that loved his golf and his friends.  He will be greatly missed.

Sue & Nick

Frank Lathrop 
Passed: December 24,2014
Member Since:2007

Our good friend and long time Member Frank Lathrop passed away on Christmas Eve 2014 after a four year battle with cancer. But along with his deep faith and determination he was able to live with the disease, and reach several milestones important to him including the marriage of his daughter and birth of a grandchild. Frank was always “up” and cheerful despite his underlying pain. Several of our Members who knew him well spoke at his Memorial Service, and we now can truly appreciate what a wonderful Father and friend he was to everyone. He will be terribly missed.

"Big Jim" Toudy
Passed June 28, 2013
Member Since: 1992

Many of you knew our good friend and printer Jim Toudy.  Jim passed suddenly from heart complications, and we were shocked and saddened by his death.  Jim serviced all of our printing needs starting back in the early 90’s.  He created the template for the scorecard that we use every week……..which makes the scoring SO much easier than a conventional scorecard.  Jim used to play golf with us, but had to stop several years ago due to health reasons.  We will miss him greatly.

  Nick & Jim at Red Eye's Dock after outing at Queenstown. Aug 1999

Jim's surprise 50th - July 1998

  Big Jim gets first of his presents.. July 1998

"It's Good to be King" - Jim 50th - July 1998

Win Hwilka & Jim at Ocean City, MD golf weekend..  Nov 1999

Win & Jim at Ted O'Shea's birthday - Nov 1999

Al Cairns, Nick & Jimmy doing score card at Ocean City, MD golf weekend..  Nov 1999

Nick this is why it's good to be King.. Jim 50th - July 1998

Jimmy & Jim Boyd at Ocean City, MD golf weekend..  Nov 1999

Jim Boyd
Passed: April 13, 2013
Member Since:1992

We lost our long time friend and Member Jim Boyd on April 13th.  Jim joined our Association back in 1993 and been with us ever since.  His absence brings great sadness to all who knew him…we truly enjoyed his friendship.   Jim was an active Member of the Masons for over 60 years and is a Past Grand Master.  A Memorial  Service was held for him on Saturday May 11th and prior to the church service the order of Masons also Memorialized him.  Jim was always a very upbeat person despite his illness and we are glad he was able to attend our Final Banquet last November.  He truly loved the Association and all the friends he made in it…..but especially his golf.  We will miss him greatly

Jim & Charlie Dorning after the round - Aug 1999

Bartlett "Bart" Carter
Passed: Nov 5, 2012
Member Since: 1997

We lost one of our long time Members in 2012 – Bart Carter passed away last fall.  He was truly a fine Southern gentleman, and we will miss his greatly.

Bart & Rita Carter and Owen Chang
at the 2006 Awards Banquet

Frank Schafer
Passed: Jan 27, 2010
Member Since: 1993

Jim Toudy & Frank at the 2008 Awards Banquet

Nick & Frank - 2009 Awards Banquet

Frank receives 2002 Senior Member Award

Peter Brenner
Passed: April 8,2008
Member Since:2002

             2002 - 4th Low Net - 
             Peter Brenner 69.1

Dick Muchowski, Bob Moran , 
Peter Brenner 
at 2003 Awards Banquet 
        George & Barbara Zimmerman                 Ellie & Pete Brenner - Joe & Ann Sherwin
               & Peter Brenner                                              at 2007 Awards Banquet
            at 2005 Awards Banquet

Charlie Dorning
Passed:Nov 4, 2007
Member Since:1992

Charlie & Jules Giovanetti at the 2005 Awards Banquet

Poor Adrienne Hogan mediating a Charlie & Teddy discussion..

Charlie in action - Aug 1999

Tom Bate
Member Since 1992
Rich Frangiosa
Member Since 1997
Jim McKeanney
Joe Borger
Member Since 1992
Bob Howard, Sr.
Member Since 1992

Bob Parke
Member Since 1992
Charlie Carite
Member Since 1992

Pete Inglese
Member Since 2001
Jim Ryan
Member Since 2011

Harry Dietz
Member Since 1999

John Lare
Member Since 1993
Bob Trinkle

Bud Fox
Member Since 1992

Vito Mevoli
Member Since 1999