From YOUR Pro – Nick Manari
   ….our events for July are Glen Mills on July 11th and Scotland Run on the 24th .
I hope you are enjoying your summer with us…many great courses yet to be played. Listed below are the July Cup Quest and Consolation Matches for July.

July Cup Quest Matches:
Nick Manari vs Lou Edwards                         Karl Janke (winner by default)
Bill Siegle vs Brad Ritchie                             Rocco Marianni vs Jim Medes
Larry Demooy vs John Howell                       Bob Heindel vs Joe Cuilla
Brian Mulvenna vs John Salvaggio               Bob Lane vs Mark Vanemburgh

July Consolation Matches: 
George Zimmerman vs Lew Graff                 Ken Hoffman vs Dennis Rozanski
Stew Golen vs Mike Morton                          Joe Battaglia vs Pete Shoemaker
John Conroy vs Larry Steffier                       Dennis Herman (winner by default)
John Regina (bye)                                          Ray Yanstick def. George Abersold

June Tournaments at a Glance……..

Little Mill C.C. 6/5
1st  Jim Medes, Mark Vanemburgh, N. Urubshurow, Ray Yanstick (160) 
2nd  Mike Hess, Bob Harbeson, Brad Ritchie, Karl Janke (164)
3rd  Terry Fischer, S. Goodstadt, Stew Golen, Chuck Nissman (165)          

Indian Spring G.C – 6/13/19 …. Rainout

Sea Oaks Golf Club 6/20/19 – Graduated Better Ball with a “twist”
1st  Sheldon Goodstadt, Mike Hess, Joe Cuilla, Terry Fischer (130)
2nd   Bob Lane , George Abersold, Karl Janke, Jim Christiance (132)
3rd  M. Vanemburgh, John Giordano, Joe Battaglia, John Howell (135)          

2-Man Scramble at Rancocas 6/27/19
“A” Flight : 1st Nick Manari/Joe Battaglia (71)
                  2nd Mark Vanemburgh/Larry Stabb (72–m.o.c.)
“B” Flight: 1st John Howell/John Regina (72)
                 2nd Cliff Brown/Marc Schwartz (75–m.o.c)
“C” Flight: 1st George A
                 2nd Stew Bolno/Greg Mazol (83–m.o.c.)

Member News

JIM MEDES had a Hole-In-One at Rancocas C.C. on 5/1/19.  He used a Pitching Wedge on #11 (115 yds).  
Jim said his second H-I-O.  Congratulations Jim!

Gene Dykes runs Boston Marathon read about it here.


Post a Personal Achievement . . .
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 Member Remembrance 
  This page is dedicated to our dear members who have passed away.

Hole-In-One Contest:

  Our Hole-In-One Contest was won last year by BOB HAMILTON, having aced the 8th Hole of the Blue Nine at Little Mill last summer.  Congratulations Bob!! Everyone needs to “re-up” $10 for this year if they had not already done so after Bob’s ace.