S.J.B.W.G.A. Guide to Rules and Policies

  General Rules and Policies
This page lists the general rules and policies governing this association, such as fees, sign ups, starting times, etc.
  Tournament Rules
 We play by U.S.G.A. Official Rules of Golf, this  page covers the local rules of play for the weekly events.
  Weekly and Yearly Competitions
This page contains information on various competitions played throughout the season.
  Tournament Formats
This page describes some of the tournament formats played throughout the season.


  1. Fees: Must be received by Entry Close Date as posted in 2019 Schedule and Calendar for each event. (Please write name of golf course and date at bottom of check.) Make all checks payable to the Association (S.J.B.W.G.A.) and mail to the address below. Each club requires six days notice of player count so please mail early. You may send checks for any outings well in advance if you like.
  2. Event Sign-up: If I have a last minute opening (or openings) for players, I will be glad to fill with late requests . . . but please call ASAP if you find yourself able to play - most events fill very quickly. Those who have paid for the outing by the close date are guaranteed a time. We try to accommodate everyone, but we must also follow strict rules & policies enforced by our host courses. Call 856/424-6269 to see if there is an opening or any other inquiry you might have.
  3. Starting Times: Starting Times will be emailed (1) day prior to each event. This does not apply to shotguns. If you desire to play with a certain individual or individuals, please notify when sending your check . . . otherwise I will do the pairings. You may also request a tee time "block"- early, middle, late (first come, first serve basis.)
  4. Rainouts: If raining the morning of an event, please call golf course for cancellation notification (we will notify course by 9:00 a.m.) There are no rain dates scheduled and we try to play the event if at all possible. Do not assume the tournament is cancelled and merely not show up! Course phone numbers are listed in your Schedule.
  5. Fee Credits: If a rainout occurs, greens fee and cart money will be credited & applied to the next tournament you participate in. If more money - send check for the difference - if less, just contact me by entry close date if you wish to play. Any residual money is held and applied. If you cannot play in an event for emergency reasons, please call immediately! I am held to and charged for exact player count at most events.
  6. Guests: Members may invite guests if the weekly event is not filled. Our Membership always gets first "in" to all tournaments. The same guest may join us at (2) events. There is a $10.00 surcharge for each guest and space availability will not be known until the entry close date.

Nick Manari, P.G.A. Professional & Golf Director


  1. Winter Rules: Improve your lie ONLY on your own fairway ONE CLUB Length NOT nearer the hole. If you ever have a ruling question, please ask.
  2. Putting: Please putt everything out . . . use your discretion of course!
          (A 3-inch putt is a gimmee..)
  3. Scorecard: Print scores LEGIBLY on scorecards. Date and attest, and turn into Golf shop once your round is over. Keep gross/net scores for all events. ALWAYS keep gross scores for handicaps even if not in tournament and TURN IN SCORECARD - no card, no score.
  4. SLOW PLAY:…………P-L-E-A-S-E keep play moving!! Be aware of your group's position at all times, and absolutely NO open holes in front of you. We alert Rangers to keep our group moving.
  5. RULES OF GOLF: We play by U.S.G.A. Official Rules of Golf. If you are unfamiliar with (basic) rules, i.e. ball identification, out-of-bounds play, lost ball ruling, provisional ball rule, etc., etc., PLEASE purchase the current U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf Booklet & keep for reference. We urge all Members to learn as much as they can about the Rules. . . don't embarrass yourself by being called on a rules infraction - educate yourself as much as you can.



S.J.B.W.G.A. Weekly & Yearly Competitions
  • EVENT FORMAT: Each week we play a Tournament Format (i.e. Better-Ball of Partners, Low Nets of Foursome, Individual Low Net, etc.) Closest-To-Pins on all par 3’s and Low Putts are part of every Tournament. Events are based on Net Scores and Gift Certificates to Fox Meadow Golf Shop are awarded to winners. Format sheets with handicap stats are handed out to everyone each week and Tournament entry is always optional. Weekly winners are posted on Web Site: www.sjgolf.com and on weekly format sheet handed out at event.

COST: $10.00

  • LOW NET AVERAGE FOR YEAR: Member must play in a minimum of (7 ) events to be eligible for Low Net Prizes presented at our Final Awards Banquet at end of year. Net Averages are calculated on each Member’s (7) BEST scores and will begin being displayed on Weekly Stats Sheet once 7 events are played. Prizes are awarded to the best (6) Low Net Averages. COST INCLUDED IN MEMBERSHIP
  • LOWEST PUTTING AVERAGE FOR YEAR: Member must play in a minimum of (7) events to be eligible for Lowest Putting Average.  The (7) BEST event putting averages are averaged together.  A Prize is awarded to the member with the (7) BEST Average.  COST INCLUDED IN MEMBERSHIP
  • MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP: Open to all interested Members. New Members must have a verifiable handicap to participate. Matches run from June until November (one a month), and prizes awarded to all Finalists. COST: $50.00 (cash)
  • HOLE-IN-ONE CONTEST: Our hole-in-one contest available to all interested Members. $$$ is carried over year to year . . . one time payment until hole-in-one made and we start all over again! COST: $10.00


Each week we play a different Tournament Format (i.e. Two best balls of Foursome, Better Ball of Partners, etc.) based on NET scores. Explained below are the most frequently used formats & how scores are tabulated . Other formats are used, but listed are ones used most often. Low Putts & Closest to Pins on all (4) par 3's are included in competition.
  1. Best Ball of Foursome: (1) best net score of foursome is posted for team on each hole then totaled for team score.
  2. (2)Best Balls of Foursome: The (2) best net scores of all four players are added together for team score on each hole.
    Player (A) has a 4 net 3 on Hole #1 (par 4)
    Player (B) has a 6 net 5
    Player (C) has a 7 net 7
    Player (D) has a 7 net 5
    TOTAL for Hole #1 for team score is (8)
  3. (3) Best Balls of Foursome: Refer to (3) Best Ball format & add a third net to scoring.
  4. Best Ball of Partners: Twosomes play as a team in this event. The best net score of each (2) players is posted as their score for each hole & totaled.
  5. Better Balls on odd/even holes. We sometimes do a (1) ball, (2) balls or (3) balls added together variation on odd/even holes.
    Add together (2) best net scores on all odd holes (1,3,5,7,9,etc.) & add (3) best net scores on all even holes (2,4,6,8,etc.) and total for team score.
  6. Better Ball Rotation. Usually every three holes . . . i.e. (1) best net score for first holes 1-3, (2) best net scores added for holes 4-6, and (3) net scores added for holes 7-9 . . . and rotation repeated on back 9. Several variations of this format are used.
  7. Ball Rotation on par 3's, 4's & 5's. Same idea as better ball rotation on hole sequence only varying net score additions on different par holes. i.e. (1) best net score on par 3's, (2) best scores on par 4's, (3) best nets added on par 5's.
  8. Individual Low Net (Flight Event). Players divided into (2) Flights:
    "A" 0-18 hcp, "B" 19-36 hcp.
     Handicap subtracted from gross scores for nets & prizes awarded in both flights.
  9. (2) Low Nets of Foursome. Handicaps subtracted from gross scores & (2) lowest net scores added for team score.
  10. Point Even (similar to Stableford): (net) bogeys, pars, birdies & eagles assigned points:
    Bogey = 1 pt. Par = 2 pts. Birdie = 3 pts. Eagle = 4 pts.
    After nets are posted on each hole for players, points are assigned to respective scores. Points are added for team score.